Urban to Outdoors:

That’s how we live. That’s what we make.

We make our lives wherever we are, sidewalks to summits. Our everyday adventure calls for clothing that moves just as fluidly with quality fabrics and components that are strong and comfortable in the elements yet designed to fit anywhere we go.

Focused on lifestyle versatility

Clean, simple & modern styling, for everyday wearability. We design functional and versatile technical outerwear, purposefully made to move with your lifestyle. From the city to the mountains.


Born to greet nature as wild as New England’s

As a crossover apparel company based in Boston, MA, we’re no strangers to wild weather. We bear that Nor’easter wind and wet that wrestles you in the city while also beckoning you to the mountains. We live it, and we make products that let you play in it and stay in it.


Never losing sight of our core values

At Terracea, we sought to not only build a company but to create something personal reflecting our own values.

  • We strive to never lose sight of so much that is yet to explore.

  • We embrace a spirit of endless curiosity and the potential to grow as the world grows around us.

  • We live to enjoy, engaged with our surroundings–from the cities to the wild and everywhere in between.

Because adventure isn’t just an activity. It’s our lifestyle.