The Terracea philosophy is composed of these five principles.

We promise to always apply them as we learn and grow.



We set out with an idea to create high performance, practical outerwear and over time that idea evolved into building a company that represented people like us. No matter what challenges we face, we promise to always operate with integrity, and to never lose sight of our beginnings or come unglued from the fun we have had creating Terracea.




We want Terracea to serve as a platform for positive change and inspiration. We understand that by starting this company, we put ourselves in a position to have an impact on people's lives and the world around us. We feel it is our responsibility to make that impact beneficial and meaningful, and to that end we promise to use compassion as a guiding principle in every decision we make.  




Terracea began with a desire to improve on existing jacket designs. We wouldn't have gotten to this point if we had stopped critiquing our designs and ourselves, or tuned out the feedback we have received from people along the way. So we promise not to get complacent; we will continue to consider all feedback and be our own harshest critics in order to improve our products, our company, and your experiences with Terracea. 




We agreed from the very beginning that anything bearing the name Terracea would be something we would be proud to wear or use ourselves. From the components, construction, and attention to detail constituting our outerwear to your everyday experiences with our company, we strive to exceed all expectations. We promise never to relax our quality standards, so you can be as proud wearing and using Terracea products as we are to have created them.




We want to build a company that people can connect with on a real personal level - the same way we have connected with Terracea. So we promise to be transparent and accessible; to be forthright with product and operations information; and to be inclusive in our decision-making so you can take an active, meaningful role in steering Terracea.