Always following our internal compass.

Our Promise

At Terracea, we promise to always operate with integrity and never lose sight of our beginnings and the fun we’ve had creating Terracea. Our compass is fixed on five principles:



We recognize that people are multi-faceted and that mountain-time is just as easily followed by urban adventures. We created crossover performance apparel meant to move with the real lives we lead.



As a company, we can serve as a platform for positive change and inspiration. We embrace our responsibility to make beneficial and meaningful impact on the world and promise to use compassion for others in every decision we make. 



Our business has grown by looking for and listening to our own and others’ critiques. We will continue to seek feedback and be our own harshest critics to improve our products, our company and your experiences with Terracea.



Everything bearing the name Terracea is something we are proud to wear or use ourselves. We promise to uphold our standards so you can be as confident wearing and using Terracea products as we are in how we created them.



We are a company built to connect with others. To do so, we believe in staying transparent and accessible; being forthright with product and operations information; and continually soliciting feedback.