What is a 3-in-1 jacket?

A 3-in-1 jacket is two jackets that can be secured together via a system of zippers and snap closures, to function as a single jacket. The two jackets are generally referred to as an outer layer (exterior jacket) and a mid layer (interior jacket). They can also be worn separately by simply detaching one layer. 


What's so special about 3-in-1 jackets?

One word: VERSATILITY. A 3-in-1 jacket allows you to effortlessly adapt to your surroundings by attaching or detaching layers. This flexibility means that one complete 3-in-1 jacket can handle a much wider range of weather conditions and environments than a standard jacket, from a gentle rain to heavy snow or cutting winds. The ability to add or shed layers as needed gives you more control and lowers your vulnerability to changing conditions.

Temperature vs Versatility

How does it work?

Let's say you want a jacket that's good for mountain hiking on a chilly, drizzly, windy day. You bring your trusty berry Station LT outer layer jacket and black Landing fleece mid layer jacket:


You start the hike with the two layers attached. The lightweight Station LT cuts out the wind and protects you from the rain while the Landing fleece keeps you warm and cozy. As you continue hiking, you warm up and decide to remove your fleece layer, keeping on the Station LT outer shell for weather protection. You keep going and eventually reach the summit! The rain stopped but it's a fair bit colder at the top, so you remove the outer layer and put the Landing fleece back on. Throughout your hike, you basically had 3 jackets to cycle through to maintain your comfort.

Now let's say you're gearing up for a ski trip and it's supposed to be frigid out on the slopes - we're talking below 10° F. Your current setup with the Station LT and Landing fleece might not be warm enough. So you decide to get a mint green Peak CW insulated outer layer and bring all 3 jackets on your trip:


The lifts just opened and you're heading to the top, so you know it's going to be freezing and windy. You attach the mint Peak CW to the black Landing fleece, and stash the berry Station LT shell in your backpack. Halfway through the day with a few deep tree runs under your belt, you're starting to feel hot. You can either swap out the insulated mint outer layer for the berry lightweight shell, rocking a new look and a fresh outer layer with no snow build-up, or just remove the black fleece mid layer and continue shredding the slopes in your insulated mint shell. Or if you're really overheating, you could just wear the berry Station LT outer layer for your weatherproofing needs. At the end of the day, you go into the lodge for an apres-ski drink and cozy up by the fireplace in your Landing fleece.

Between these 3 jackets, you essentially had 5 jacket combinations to choose from throughout the day, each serving its own purpose and keeping you comfortable!

The 3-in-1 model means that we can continue to create new outer and mid layers that are compatible with previous Terracea jackets. For instance, we can create a lightweight puffy mid layer jacket that can be attached to your current Terracea outer layer jackets. Similarly, we can create a new style/color outer layer jacket that can be attached to your existing Terracea mid layer jackets. This means you have more jacket choices for a wider variety of situations without having to abandon your older Terracea jackets, ultimately giving you increased jacket usefulness and wearing options.